Dating in the dark recap july 27

28-Dec-2018 18:28

Near the first of the month, I wrote this post on the new show “Dating in the Dark.” To briefly recap the premise for those of you who didn’t read it, three men and three women are segregated in a house and come together only in a common room that is pitch black.We see the action via infra-red cameras, as they get to know each other on the basis of personality, smell, voice, and touch.At the end, they each get to choose the one person they’d like to see in the light.The “reveal” is only about 10 seconds long, after which they go away and decide if they want to meet on the balcony, indicating they’d like to pursue the relationship or go out the front door and leave the show.

dating in the dark recap july 27-23

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They start out on a group date in which they introduce themselves and have to glean information by virtue of asking questions and listening to voices.After that, they have a series of one-on-one dates with people they have chosen or who have chosen them.At one point, they are told who their perfect match be, based on their profiles and answers to questionnaires.This all ultimately leads to them choosing whom they’d like to see in the light of day.

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