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26-Jan-2019 13:34

Note that when deferred fields are accessed, the loading of the deferred field’s value happens through this method.

Thus it is possible to customize the way deferred loading happens.

In Django 1.5 and earlier, Django did a update at the same time!It should be very rare that you’ll need to use these parameters.Django will almost always do the right thing and trying to override that will lead to errors that are difficult to track down. Using , only the fields named in that list will be updated.This may be desirable if you want to update just one or a few fields on an object.

There will be a slight performance benefit from preventing all of the model fields from being updated in the database. This only deletes the object in the database; the Python instance will still exist and will still have data in its fields.This method returns the number of objects deleted and a dictionary with the number of deletions per object type.For more details, including how to delete objects in bulk, see You can’t share pickles between versions Pickles of models are only valid for the version of Django that was used to generate them.If you generate a pickle using Django version N, there is no guarantee that pickle will be readable with Django version N 1.