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09-Feb-2019 01:28

by drinking water instead of wine,” adding that it is “highly unusual” to “toast with anything but a full glass of wine.” (In case you weren’t aware, pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to drink alcohol.)Twitter reacts to 50 Cent pregnancy rumor The rapper’s rep told journalist, “I do not comment on his personal life,”...This has caused multiple stories about the alleged pregnancy to make their way through bulletin boards and other social media sites during the past 24 hours, just following engagement rumors earlier this week.Now we’ll have to wait and see if that ‘baby bump’ and that ‘high-profile wine-voidance’ are the key clues that ultimately lead to the Best Famous Baby News of the year.© 2017 Media Mass All rights reserved.His hustler mother Sabrina Jackson died when he was merely eight years old, while his father left the family, leaving his grandmother to parent him.

Listen to the radio interview for yourself below and let us know what you think.

American tabloids recently reported 50 Cent’s companion was pregnant after she sported what some interpreted to be a ‘baby bump’.

According to the report, a source close to the couple confirmed they were expecting a child.

(read more)Is 50 Cent about to be a dad to a little boy or girl?

"He's a sweetheart, and he's so cute," Handler told Oprah Winfrey at the time.

He came on my show [in 2010], and he sent me flowers.