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So Ween broke up back in May (this is the year of seemingly one-hit-wonder bands breaking up after decades of playing).I have a bunch of Ween’s earlier stuff, but stopped listening after their hits.I’m told some of their later records are quite good.This song from the album was my introduction to them, and it is weird and kind of irritating and strangely catchy and perfectly encapsulates Ween.The melody is simple and poppy, but the vocals are, if not sped up, then crazily falsettoed.

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And, holy, he needs Bast to meet Mister Piscator out by the Egyptian stuff in the museum (JR can’t do it himself obviously–I love that he is using a handkerchief on the phone and everyone asks if there’s connection troubles).

Bast barely says anything but JR is on a roll: he got him the briefcase and that alarm clock (which runs backwards) and the business cards (which Simon pointed out I’ve been missing the typo on) and “I’ll call up that Virginia and fix it up where you get her to take telephone calls at the cafet…” (302).

JR is also going on about the kind of massive tax breaks he (and Bast) will be able to declare.

I can’t decide if he’s right or not (or if it simply won’t be relevant for what he has–indeed, a lot of this financial stuff, it seems like JR is more knowledgeable than anyone else because he has actually read the material–something nobody does.

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And Bast is a musician, what does he know about money, right? Although his ultimate plan (potentially ingenious, but practically preposterous) is that they buy one share of all the big stocks, get their prospectuses and read them all.

And if anyone is doing anything illegal they can file a class action suit like they did with Diamond Cable.

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