Problems with be2 dating site zooey deschanel dating jake johnson

19-Jan-2019 00:25

This company owns dating services that target all the main languages on earth including English, French (, Italian (, Norwegian (, and German ( to name only a few of them.Just like we do with our adult dating reviews we registered as a free member on this site to see exactly how it operates.You can read the full review and what we found out about this site below.

This is one indicator that leads us to believe that Be2is a real dating site.Usually when a dating site is a scam you get so many emails that flood your inbox it's ridiculous. The reason that dating scams use email messages is to lure you into upgrading so you can communicate back to the women sending you the emails.But in every situation we have encountered the women sending us those emails were fake. So we have to conclude they're not using automated chat bots to deceive us so we buy a paid monthly subscription.Another method we use to identify scammy dating sites is a software program called Tin Eye.

This helps us to find fake profile photos and the exact locations where those profiles have been stolen from on other sites (many times amateur porn sites).

And we're happy to report in this situation that the profile pictures we dug through were NOT found on other sites.

Complete list of be2 complaints. There is no scientific approach to dating evidence on their site. Be2 scam. I faced the same scam like others. I received email from Auer Witte Thiel solicitor to ask for EU276+. I registered as a free membership on 2014 and till 2016 they sent me email saying my premium membership.… continue reading »

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Aug 8, 2013. I have really been put off by BE 2 Customer Service and I am beginning to wonder if all the online complaints and warnings are legit. “Short Be2 Review”. 2/8/17. Its a 6/10 dating site for me. Not the worse out there but I prefer sites like that are a tad more 'underground' and have people who.… continue reading »

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Feb 25, 2012. Our team can be contacted through the website, by email and in some countries by phone. 50 customer care agents work to ensure all messages from customers are dealt with promptly and effectively. Frequent be2 customer service issues. be2 customers contact us with all sorts of questions. Much of the.… continue reading »

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May 29, 2012. I'm having trouble with be2 Dating, because they say because I haven't subscribed, and have cancelled my Credit Cards, - Answered by a verified Solicitor. My argument is seeing I haven't subscribed to the web-site after cancelling my credit cards, is because I don't believe they have the right to scam.… continue reading »

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