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"I have no doubts that I love this woman", wrote Shinhwa member Eric Moon regarding 2000 Miss Korea and model Park Si-yeon on the group's official website on May 14.In a message titled "Long time", Moon wrote, "We are still being careful with each other but I thought I should tell you about this frankly, as our relationship has been publicized to some extent already.We are not dating seriously yet but it's true that we are engaged in a good relationship. He also added that he felt sorry to all his fans who placed high expectations on him but said he was happy to have someone who supported him in times of physical and mental hardship.In conclusion, he asked for his fans' support for his new relationship.Moon's love interest, Park Si-yeon, was a former Miss Seoul and won the 2000 Miss Korea beauty pageant. Following after the late actress Lee Eun-joo, she has starred in TV commercials for several cosmetics brands including "Enfrani".Currently, she is enrolled in the Department of Journalism of St. She was introduced to Moon late last year by a common acquaintance, and the two have been going out since early this year. - Post only in English, as this is an English language community.

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