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Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is ideal for those seeking a peaceful place to rest.

Your personal piece of paradise is located in the Kakheti region of Eastern Georgia, surrounded by the famous Caucasus mountains, just 2 hours drive from Tbilisi, the capital.

Learn more The homeland of wine Kakheti is one of the oldest and famous wine-growing regions of Georgia.

Eight thousand years of making wine gave birth to unforgettable flavors.

Explore the mystery of Kakheti and unique magic of local wine.

There is something about Georgian wine that makes people desperately thirsty for more.

Don’t miss an opportunity to try new wines and to discover grapes that have that ideal balance of lightness and warmth.

Some of my buddies were quite convinced I would go for multiple affairs with some beautiful and mysterious women of the East. I didn’t want to be like Hank Moody – just drink, smoke and bang everything what moves. I was working, sightseeing, daydreaming and writing about Georgian society, history, culture, relationships.And some of them even wanted my advice before their potential “sex tour” to Georgia. A sort of Polish-Georgian international intercourse, if you know what I mean. I was like a bearded monk aspiring to be the next orthodox saint. I was watching all those Georgian women in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi or in the country.I didn’t believe my Father when he told me: “You’re 30 now. I was observing and writing about their relationships, jobs and challenges they take on. It seems that the sexual revolution has not reached Georgia.That’s how “Love in Georgia” (published only on Polish Georgian site) was born. Its last stop was in Transcaucasia – the outside world and maybe in capital city – Tbilisi. A lot of them are Macho types sporting gold neck chains and paunches.

You can treat this text as an introduction to the topic of interest of all liberated and spoiled inhabitants of the filthy West. In Georgia there’s no sexual freedom like in “old” Europe or debauchery that is so well-known in the western world. Sometimes the view is funny to see True Caucasian Warriors in old banger.

Georgian women wear modest clothes and many families think they should be “used” mostly for child-bearing. Probably most of them have some “adventures” outside the family home. Focused on chasing European female tourists, luring them with their mythical, Georgian charm.

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