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11-Nov-2018 13:13

Lawmakers are set to hold leadership elections this coming Tuesday.

Yet, in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Brooks indicated that he is not sure whether he will support the re-election of Speaker Ryan, who has a two-decade long history of championing open borders immigration policies.

“It depends on the President-elect’s preferences,’ Brooks tells Breitbart.

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[an] expansion to the H-2B visa program— even though he made that promise.” Brooks: “I understand.” Breitbart: “Do you think [he’ll keep] his promise this time… ” Brooks: “I don’t know.”House Speaker Paul Ryan claims increasing foreign worker visas [quote] “help[s] small businesses who cannot find labor when there’s a surge in demand for their labor like seafood processing, or tourism.” [end quote] This claimed labor shortage is unsupported by jobs or wage data and is political bunk! Speaker, while these surges in foreign worker visas and foreign labor work permits is a huge victory for special interests that profit from suppressed wages, it is a debilitating loss for struggling American families,” Brooks said.

“Unemployed and underpaid Americans desperate for a good-paying job have every right to be angry at a federal government that takes American jobs from American citizens and gives them to foreigners.” Perhaps presciently, Brooks added: “Americans have every right to be angry at Washington elected officials who care more about special interest campaign contributions than American voters who elected us.

I hope these Americans will remember their anger during 2016’s primary and general elections.

That is the way to force Washington to represent us! Speaker, I can’t speak for anyone else but, as for me, Mo Brooks, from Alabama’s 5th Congressional District, I fight for the economic interests of American citizens and against policies that undermine the struggling American voters who sent us here,” Brooks concluded.

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According to Pew polling data, 92 percent of the GOP electorate is opposed to Ryan’s expansionist immigration agenda.

Reports analyzing Trump’s historic upset suggest that the American people did indeed “remember their anger” over Ryan and political elites’ expansionist immigration policies that put foreign interests ahead of the interests of American workers. “You can throw out the public policy, you can throw out all the personalities, it comes down to whether Donald Trump wants Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.” When asked if he thinks his constituents who just propelled Trump to victory want Ryan as House Speaker, Brooks said “my constituency wants Donald Trump’s wishes respected.” As to his own preferences, Brooks explained: “I strongly prefer strong, aggressive leadership on behalf of Republican ideas rather than wishy-washy compromising leadership.